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Coins at the upper end doing well

Any reader fortunate enough to be able to afford the best is likely pleased with the direction their favorite segment of the coin market. These coins have held or appreciated in value recently. Dealers who routinely buy and sell them on the continuing circuit of high profile coin shows are enjoying good business and timely turnover. Many of these coins are offered primarily at auctions rather than over the counter.


Most collectors are likely involved with less expensive and more readily available coins. Many of these are in a price holding pattern. Those most susceptible to the spot price of their bullion content have continued to drift downward in value. Silver is trading within the $16 to $17 rather than in the $18 range. Gold has made modest gains in recent months, but has failed to respond to equity market uncertainties. This is reflected in the price of many common date late 19th and 20th century gold coins.

Copper collectors are experiencing a stable, but extremely active market, with more desirable large cents increasing noticeably in price. The U.S. portion of the Numismatic Stock Index is now at 88.74 percent of its 52-week average, down 1.36 percent from a month earlier, but remaining in the same tight trading range in which it has been since December 2016.

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