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Coin values smacked by gold and silver drop

Gold- and silver-impacted coins are getting smacked . The spot price of each of these two metals once more is heading for the bottom of what is proving to be their recent trading ranges.

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This yo-yo cycle of price gyrations, all within a reasonably tight range has continued for some time. There are no indications that an upward breakout is on the horizon. Even proof silver and gold American Eagle coins are feeling the impact, with the gap between what you can expect to pay for a proof rather than a business strike tightening.

There is no pattern to the prices at which First Spouse gold half-ounce coins are being sold,. Better date gold Eagles and silver Eagles show no movement. Scarce to truly rare 18th and 19th century U.S. coins remain popular, but outside of auction headline material these coins remain in a tight trading range as well.

An examination of the results of any auction in its entirety reveals many disappointing prices realized that won’t be touted in any ensuing news about the sale. Overall the market remains horizontal, likely a good thing for collectors. One area to watch – the silver five-ounce America the Beautiful coins, each of which has a maximum authorized mintage of a modest 120,000 coins. Since few of these have reached this maximum authorized mintage the question remains if they will become popular with collectors or do nothing as have the low mintage uncirculated platinum American Eagle coins.

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