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Coin output up

If May’s matching mintage numbers in Philadelphia and Denver throw you, you are not alone.

I thought I was in the wrong column as cents, dimes and nickel output numbers at both mints kept coming up the same.

Only when the Denver quarter number came out a little bit differently did I realize that the Mint must have had a new policy this month.


Often the two production facilities make a similar number of coins.

Occasionally, they are identical.

However, I cannot remember a time when the totals for the three lowest denominations were the same.

But they are.

In any case, all of them represent an increase from the production levels of April.

Overall, output increased by 47 percent month over month to nearly 1.3 billion coins.

Nevertheless, coin production in calendar year 2018 is running at a pace that will fall short of 14 billion pieces. This would make it the third year in a row that output declines as the economy grows.

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