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Coin output drops in February

Mint production dropped by over 500 million coins in February from the January level of 1.6 billion pieces.

All denominations saw lower output during the month, but cents accounted for most of the drop.


One interesting aspect of the Feburary numbers are identical cent and dime totals between the Denver and Philadelphia Mint.

Output is usually pretty evenly split between the two facilities, but hitting the same target precisely with two denominations is unusual.

Philadelphia struck 1.8 million half dollars, while Denver struck none in February.

Both mints had no production of dollar coins this month.

If the U.S.Mint keeps up the pace set in the first two months, it will strike 16 billion coins in calendar year 2018. That would be 1.1 billion more than in 2017 and it would match 2016 calendar year output.

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