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Coin Identification, Coin Location - Made Easier

Coming Soon...Keep Watching This Space


It's been about a year and half now since I started posting to Big Ideas, little world. Check the left side bar and you'll see a vast number of archived postings, all of which people are still finding through the web on a daily basis. It's really been a lot of fun, having a direct outlet to bring you news of the world of numismatics and I have been pleasantly surprised time and again by the number of readers that find my comments entertaining and enlightening. Honestly, I am happy anyone has found them at all.

But seriously, the time has come to expand our perspectives a bit and to that end I asked my best designing buddy, Sara Wait, to come up with a couple new logos for two fresh catagories for Big Ideas, little world. You can see her work at the top left and right of this posting and with any luck you can see my work soon in future postings to these two new catagories.

What is it? will provide an outlet for readers to send me an image of a coin they are having trouble identifying, along with a brief rundown of what they have done up to the frustration point in way of trying to catalog their item. In other words, don't send me your easy ones, work at it a while and if you get completely stuck, drop me a line. Remember, I will need a clear image, preferably a jpg scan in color at 300%, so I can see it well, and a clear description of your trials in trying to identify the coin. Sending in your image and information constitutes granting your permission for me to use that image and information in a posting on Big Ideas, little worldand for updating our NumisMaster website and various Standard Catalogs. I help you, you help me. It's only fair.

Where to Find it will be a feature catagory for Big Ideas, little world, in which I will give readers some direction for good paths to coin collecting. I've been at this for a while, almost 22 years now as numsimatic market analyst of the Standard catalog of World Coins series, and over the years I have learned where to go for specific items. In Where to Find it postings I will give readers the guidance of my experience in the coin collecting hobby, as well as some of the new things I am still discovering on a daily basis. I'm hoping it will be a fun way for me to share what I've learned.

So look for these two new features to beging appearing here soon and let me know if you are enjoying this expansion of topics!