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Coin dealer: the next hot job?

The calendar doesn’t say it is autumn yet, but last night the temperatures in Iola dipped below 50 degrees. Brrr.

It is not really that cold, but after the heat and humidity we have been experiencing this summer, the swing in temperature feels large.

Perhaps interestingly, certainly a coincidence, the number of my communications with collectors seems to have risen also to levels I would usually associate with the post-Labor Day collector season.

Are hobbyists chomping at the bit to get going? Did they cut their summer activities short?

Who knows?

However, while the public thinks of coin collecting as something well-heeled collectors do, the converse is also true. It is a cheap way to spend time productively.

With the economy being what it is, cheap is good.

Learning something new about coins is something that will pay dividends in future years. You might identify the next hot series before the majority of us catch on.
You might find an error coin and get the credit for the discovery.

It could be a new career path for someone looking for work. Asking for a job at a coin business probably won’t pay much at first, but the outcome if you stick with it is it like being paid to attend university.

A few years with a good coin dealer has the economic value of a university degree.

Surprised? Just ask any coin dealer.