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Coin Collecting Merit Badge Folder now available for Boy Scouts

The Coin Collecting Merit Badge has been available since 1935 for members of the Boy Scouts of America to earn.

Whitman CCMB Folder002.jpg

I have had the pleasure to represent the ANA at the National Scout Jamborees since 1981 by organizing participation with a booth on the Jamboree Merit Badge Midway - A trade show of storts, to get scouts interested in working on the badge once they return home.

One item which has always been hard to explain is the idea of proper storage and coin holders and where they could be found.

This week Whitman introduces a Coin Collecting Merit Badge Coin Folder. Product # 2707 in their line of two page coin folders. It retails for $3.99.

There are enough spaces for scouts to meet the coin requirements of a type set of the circulating coins, five state quarters, and a cent from each year since their birth year. As an extra, spaces are included for a type set of the Jefferson Journey series. On the fly leaf page, the merit badge requirements are listed, basic grading terms are explained and the paper money requirements of portrats and Federal Reserve info is noted (which is not shown in the scan below.)

Whitman CCMB Folder001.jpg

What a great way to introduce scouts to one of the most popular starter storage methods in the hobby and a nice display item for their collection.