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Club says watch for stolen coins

Bill Bugert, editor of E-Gobrecht, the electronic newsletter of the Liberty Seated Collectors Club sent an e-mail alert to all of the organization's members. A theft occurred in Salt Lake City and details were report to Bill by Doug Nyholm. 

See below:

I was informed late Saturday of the theft of a major coin collection in Salt Lake City. The collection was housed in a large gun safe and the thieves broke into the un-occupied home and removed the entire safe evidently to be opened later. It is unknown if the thieves were aware that the safe contained coins, guns, or other valuables. The Salt Lake City police have been notified and the owner has been contacting all local coin dealers and other possible establishments which may be a target for the thieves to sell the collection.

Shown below is a brief list of several significant coins taken. It appears that there were some rare and very high grade Seated material taken which is why I am informing you. If possible, you may want to alert members of the LSCC and recipients of the E-Gobrecht of this theft. Additionally there are non-certified coins and coin sets stored in albums. The value of the collection is well into the six-figure range, possibly as much as $500,000.

If you have any information please contact the owner, Ben Hippler on his cell phone at (801) 949-4265, his family at (801) 467-6736, or Doug Nyholm on his cell at (801) 918-9522. Any information you may have should also be reported directly to the Salt Lake City police.

Email Bugert at for a complete list of stolen coins. Highlights are below:


1846 Seated Liberty Dollar PCGS MS63 #6932.63/50125630

1849 Seated Liberty Dollar PCGS MS64 ?

1859-S Seated Liberty Dollar PCGS MS63 #6948.63/3596460

1860-O Seated Liberty Dollar NGC MS65 #2018790-026

1860 Seated Liberty Dollar NGC MS65 ?

1862 Seated Liberty Dollar NGC MS64 ?

1867 Seated Liberty Dollar MS63 and MS64 ?

1868 Seated Liberty Dollar NGC PF65 #954115-005

1871 Seated Liberty Dollar NGC PF63 #1803953-001


1837 Seated Liberty Half Dime NGC PF64

1853 Seated Liberty Half Dime No Arrows NGC Jules Reiver MS63



1883-s PCGS MS63 #7148.63/50262728

1883-s NGC MS64 #1921429-006

1889-cc NGC MS64 #1707790-002

1894-o NGC MS63 #1701001-002

1894 NGC MS62 #1919717-017

1895-o PCGS MS61 #7236.61/4452905

1896-o PCGS MS63 #7242.63/3435046

1896 NGC MS67 star Nice toned ?


1798 PCGS MS62 Wide Date #6877.62/50075767

1800 NGC AU55 #1899734-010 


1907 PCGS MS63 High Relief Wire Edge #9135.63/21871883 


1802 ONE CENT NGC VF35 1/000 JULES REIVER #656464-011

1841 HALF CENT PCGS PF64 RB ORGINIAL #1255.64-4161740


1869 S HALF DOLLAR NGC MS65 #1824412-002