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Club journal analyzes ‘CC’ coin market

The Carson City Coin Collectors of America’s 30th issue of its award-winning club journal, Curry’s Chronicle, focuses on the current state of the “CC” coin market.
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The Carson City Coin Collectors of America’s 30th issue of its award-winning club journal, Curry’s Chronicle, focuses on the current state of the “CC” coin market. The Fall-Winter 2013 issue also offers recaps of club meetings, as well as articles on a variety of other topics.


Club president Rusty Goe’s article, entitled “The State of the Carson City Coin Market at Year-end 2013,” presents readers with an in-depth observation of current pricing trends for Carson City-minted silver and gold coinage, and offers predictions based on the analyses.

Club member Mary Elise Arnold-Giambrone contributed two articles. The first, “No Apologies Necessary from Rusty Goe – An Observer’s Review of the 2013 C4OA Annual Meeting,” revisits the C4OA’s ninth annual club meeting held at the 2013 Chicago American Numismatic Association’s World’s Fair of Money Convention. In it, she presents her response to club President Goe’s lecture, “The Mint on Carson Street – 10 Years Later.” Arnold-Giambrone’s second article, “The 2013 C4OA Regional Meeting – Carson City, NV,” details the activities of the fifth annual regional meeting and dinner, held in conjunction with the Nevada State Museum’s coin show and Numismatic Education Fair.

Life member Tony Arnold’s article, “My Century Coin Brings Me to a Milestone in My Pursuit of a Complete Set of ‘CC’ Coins,” describes his journey to becoming a member of the Century Club after having acquired more than 100 coins for his Carson City coin collection (on his way to the elusive number of 111 that comprises a complete set).

Member Garry Naples shared in his article, “Spreading News about Carson City Coins in South Carolina and Georgia,” how he presented Carson City coin-related presentations at two club meetings.

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John Kroon tackled the mystery of a peculiar eBay item in his article, “An 1878-CC Morgan Dollar in a Counterfeit Redfield Holder.” Following Kroon’s investigative trend, life member Mitchell Yee asks questions in his article, “The Mysterious 1891-CC GSA Information Card,” about an odd find in his GSA sales-related ephemera.

Life member Mark Archambault provides readers with background information on one of the Carson City Mint-era’s prominent leaders in his article “John Mackay – Silver King on the Comstock.”

Life member Tom DeFina offers a double feature in this issue with one article, “Harvesting the Stories behind Counterstamped ‘CC’ Coins,” describing his two recent counterstamped coin discoveries: an 1877-CC dime and an 1876-CC quarter. DeFina’s second article, “Carson City’s Ties to The Shootist Unfold at C4OA Western Regional Meeting Time,” features his trademark word-search puzzle and reviews a classic western movie and its links to Carson City.

In his 40th article of the 30-issue lifespan of Curry’s Chronicle, Weimar White evaluates “Uncirculated 1890-CC Double Eagles.”

The Carson City Coin Collectors of America, founded by Rusty Goe in May 2005, is a non-profit club incorporated in the state of Nevada. It is open to any member in good standing seeking to share and receive information about the Carson City Mint and the coins produced there. Dues are $30 a year, which includes a three-issue subscription to Curry’s Chronicle.

For more information, write Marie Goe, Carson City Coin Collectors of America, P.O. Box 18040, Reno, NV 89511, call (775) 322-4455, email or visit the group’s website at

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