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Clearance Price Coin Books at Krause

Two Key Books on Clearance at Krause Publications

There are two bargain priced books out on the KP book site at the moment which might be of interest if you are building a broad numismatic library on a tight budget.

The first is a specialty book we produced in 2006 titled Coins of Northern Europe & Russia. This is a handy little catalog printed in the 6"x9" format, good for travel and quick reference. I covers a slew of countries including Russia, Sweden, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Estonia, Finland, Great Britain, Iceland, Greenland, Luxembourg, Latvia, Lithuania, Ireland, and many others. Time fram is staggered, but the idea was to cover from 1850 or earlier up to present date. Some countries listings go back as far as the 1820's and some of the Pobjoy countries like Isle of Man or Guernsey end at the early 1970's. We tried to stay with clear breaking points which coinsided with currency reforms, government or coinage type changes. Most types are illustrated, but individula dates are not strung out as in the larger Standadr Catalogs. For this handy book we chose to list date ranges and select a base array of prices by grade, giving the reader a baseline price guide by type.

At the KP book site this volume is currently less than half cover price at $12.00. A baragin price for such a compact and useful price guide.

The second title worth looking up is the current 19th Century Standard Catalog of World Coins, which has been reduced from $65.00 to $55.00 for the moment. If you do not yet have a copy of this 5th edition covering 1801-1900, why not pick one up this week.