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Classic Early U.S. at Stack's Americana Sale

Colonial Material at The Americana Sale from Stack's


Americana Sale
began this afternoon and will continue into tomorrow. The first session of the sale hosts a rare selection of high quality Early American numismatic material starting with an oustanding run of colonial paper money including many high grade and attractive notes along with some exceptional rarities such as lot 4574 the 1775 Maryland Allegorical series Four Dollars which sold for $10,000, and lot 4730 signed by John Wray and James Lamberton and issued at Carlisle, Pennsylvania which sold for $7,000.

Also of great interest in this sale is the offering of the Robert A. Vlack Collection of billon and copper coins struck for the French overseas colonies in the New World. This is the largest cataloging of American French Colonial Sols and Sous I have ever seen. Absolutely anyone who collects colonial coinage will want a copy of this catalog for their numismatic library. Keep it right next to your copies of Early American Coins and An Illustrated Catalogue of the French Billon Coinage in the Americas, Bob's two classic works. Checking through this collection carefully you will uncover several discovery pieces which Bob must have added after publication of his books, so again, this catalog is an essential addition to your reference library. In addition you can enjoy seeing several Sous which are very scarce to extemely rare and absent from many collections, such as lot 5241, a 1742-C of the Caen Mint, which realized a healthy $2,000.

Also well represented in Vlack's collection are the French West Indies countermarked Sous, the 2 and 3 Sous of Cayenne, the West Indies Black Dogg and TorTola countermarked coppers, plus various other French colonial pieces including a unique 1781-A 3 Sous.

Traditional american colonial issues are also well represented in The Americana sale. Highlights include; two Higley coppers - an J CUT MY WAY THROUGH and the only VALUE ME AS YOU PLEASE still available for private collection, a fine run of New Jersey coppers, a discovery Machin's Mill copper struck over a Confederatio copper, a North West Company Beaver token and selections from the Michael K. Ringo collection of contemporary counterfiet English and Irish halfpence.

Session two of the Americana sale begins tomorrow morning and I will cover that part of the auction in my next posting. To view lots now, just stop over at the Stack's website.