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City of God or Cidade de Deus

Tom's Recommended Film of the Week


City of God or Cidade de Deus

I've now watched City of Godtwice in a week, once by myself and once with my eldest son. This is a great film, well worth your time and effort. A true story, filled with real violence and told in a superbly crafted manner. City of Godis a film you will not forget and one which will engage you long after viewing.

City of God, where the story takes place, is an lost souls slum of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The story involves many people, but centers on the teller, a boy growing in the midst of a virtual war zone of gangland violence. Based on Paulo Lins novel and directed with consumate skill by Fernando Meirettes, this film is truely a masterpiece.

Warning - City of Godis a gritty story, filled with violence, foul language and some sex. This all comes in the context of the story and does not seem at all gratuitous to me, however, some may be offened, so be aware. Set in Brazil, the cast is speaking Brazilian Portuguese, so read the english subtitles quickly to keep up with the ever evolving plot.

If you can stomach it, City of Godis a stunning film and one you will never forget.