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Chronicle sets still available

Orders are still being accepted for the United States Mint Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set.

I got through on the Mint's telephone order line rapidly this morning before I wrote this.

The order taker was very polite when she found out all I wanted to do was see whether the order line was working. She said she understood after they had been “so bombed” with orders yesterday.

How long it will take for this particular set to sell out I can only guess at because I do not know how many sets have been sold so far. There is a seemly low total of just 50,000 available, but there is also an order limit of one per household.

Arguing in favor of a rapid sellout was the obvious backup and problems experienced by collectors trying to place their orders yesterday.

Perhaps arguing in the opposite direction is the small number of contacts I have had from readers about it: just two e-mails and one phone call. I would think I would get more if there was a serious interest in something.

If personal upset and heat of the moment count for anything, the telephone caller yesterday who said he had been a collector for 55 years gets the prize and could be an indication of a rapid sellout.

I placed a few calls at scattered times yesterday afternoon just to see if I could get through. I could not.

The irony in all this for me is that the computer server that I use to write this crashed as I composed this, delaying the posting by a few minutes.

Do computers sympathize with one another?