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Christmas on Film

Tom's Recommended Film's of the Week

Seeing as how it will be Christmas in just a few days I decided to devote this weeks film recommendation to a short list of some of my favorite Christmas films. Some are recent works, some go back a ways, most are wacky, though all have that genuine feeling of the joy and love that embodies our cultural celebration of Christmas. Their central themes are, rightfully, about forgiveness, redemption and second chances.

Along with each film name, I'll give a very brief comment to give you an idea of why I like this particular entry.

Hope you enjoy this little venture, and please feel free to jump in and comment with your own choices for favorite Holiday classics!


- If you are still a kid at heart and you have a son under the age of 12 to watch this with, don't hesitate. Everyone needs to know the four main food groups according to Elf's.

A Christmas Story

- Everyone had a year like this, once upon a time. Everyone see's something in this movie which reminds them of their childhood in one way or another.

It's a Wonderful Life

- Who doesn't cry at the end of this film? Who hasn't desired this level of warmth and support of friends and family?

Miracle on 34th Street

- I just love the U.S. Postal System!

The Muppet Christmas Carol

- Though I don't like all the Muppet films, I do have a fondness for this one. This is my favorite version of this Dickens classic. Gonzo and Michael Caine are great!


- The whole cast is a delight in this film. It's like a circus, with Bill Murray as the Ring Master. This is my second favorite version of Dickens most loved Christmas tale.

Surviving Christmas

- Not the most loved Christmas film, but I did enjoy this quirky little gem. Not really for the children though.

Home Alone

- I can't count how many times I have watched this film with one or more of my children. When I tried to explain that all these painful looking tricks were really not hurting these people, as it was film illusion, my little five year old (now 19!) told me, "of course! It's just like a cartoon Dad!"

Trapped in Paradise

- Don't recall if this one actually takes place at Christmas, but it does embody the Christmas film spirit!

Jingle all the Way

- Blown way out of purportion? Maybe, but at some time or another everyone has struggled to find the popular toy for a special child. Phil Hartman is great and Arnold Schwarzenegger hangs on for dear life!