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Chicago times two

It might not be deja vu all over again, but Friday finds me on a familiar route to the Chicago suburbs early in the morning.

This time I am going to the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare Hotel and Conference Center in Rosemont, Ill., to attend the Chicago International Coin Fair.

Most of the route will simply be retracing the drive I took last week to reach the Central States Numismatic Society convention in Schaumburg.

Donn Pearlman joked by email asking me whether Illinois would let me in again so soon.

I will find out.

I also will find out how the world coin collecting hobby is doing.

It has been oddly quiet here in the office beforehand. Usually we get a few calls from collectors who want to find out details of the show.

While we in fact got three calls that I am aware of, I have to wonder if everyone has gotten so used to the routine that they have no questions, or whether the level of interest has fallen off.

Certainly having two suburban Chicago shows on consecutive weekends is unusual. Collector wallets might be strained by such an occurrence.

On the other hand, world gold dealer Bob Steinberg took the opportunity to visit the Krause Publications offices here in Iola between shows. We had a great time Monday showing him the sights and pointing out the house where Numismatic News was founded by Chet Krause 60 years ago.

He also enjoyed lunch at the Crystal Cafe with Robbie Cain, Debbie Bradley, George Cuhaj, Tom Michael and me.

Steinberg observed that if you threw in a few more maple trees, Iola is just like his home in Vermont.

I look forward to seeing Bob later today to find out where the action is on the bourse.

If you are a world collector and are within driving distance, plan on stopping by the show today, tomorrow or Sunday. You might just find a few deals.