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Check out the poll question

My week starts today. I am not used to having Presidents Day off and apparently my computer isn’t, either.

My e-mail crashed this morning as I tried to get going. Then my editorial software crashed.

It has been difficult getting up and running to find out what has been going on the last few days.

Gold has not been inactive while I have been. I see it is up strongly from last week at $1,116 a troy ounce.

Silver still sits under $16, at $15.85.

The number of responses from readers to our latest poll question as to whether banks are making enough of an effort to obtain 2010 cents is running fairly high. It will take me a while to clear them out of my e-mail.

I am not complaining. It is a very good thing to see interest in the lowly cent remaining at high levels after last year’s four-design anniversary year.

I will now have to wait for the poll to run its course in order to find out what the results will be.

If you haven’t voted, check out