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Change coming to hobby

Looking at the precious metals first thing this morning seems to indicate a fairly quiet day after election day in the United States.

Gold and silver were strongly higher yesterday. Now perhaps is the pause for reassessment as change comes to Washington, D.C.

The most conspicuous shift for coin collectors will probably be a change in the director of the U.S. Mint. Though the person in that position is ostensibly serving a five-year term, the practical matter of it is it is considered one of the plum jobs that goes to loyalists of the new President Barack Obama. Who that will be will be a great parlor game in political circles.

That means that the upcoming restrikes of the Saint-Gaudens ultra-high relief $20 coin early next year will be Mint Director Ed Moy’s valedictory legacy.

He has made a game attempt to improve American coin design. I hope his successor will continue to build on this particular legacy.

What I also hope is that the new Mint director will stop raiding the crypt of defunct American coin designs and let the talented Mint staff and Artistic Infusion Program participants come up with 21st century artwork.