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Center of all the action?

When I first looked up the number of the Krause Publications booth in the program for the American Numismatic Association summer convention here in Rosemont, Ill., yesterday, I did not realize that the two-tabled Booth 1045-1047 was so well located.

To be sure it is toward the back of the room, but lo and behold, it was right across the aisle from an outside door that was opened during set-up time. Instead of hauling box after box of newspapers and books from the company suburban across what looks like the biggest ANA bourse floor ever, I had a comparatively short journey.

It was a good thing, too, because the four-wheeled flat cart with which I made three trips seemed to have a flat wheel that made it difficult to push. However, once I was finished with it, I noticed other unlucky dealers trying to move their stock to their bourse tables with it. The noise the flat wheel made was like a homing device that drew my eye wherever it was.

When the ambulance arrived at the door, I was at first startled and then I wondered who it was for. The crew with their wheeled gurney disappeared up the aisle and after what seemed to be a very long time they returned with David Lange strapped to it. He looked fine to those of us watching and as it turned out he was. He was simply being given a precautionary ride after an insect bite. That evening he looked well at the Professional Numismatists Guild dinner at the Rosewood Restaurant.

As I was setting up, there was a steady stream of people I know coming by to say hello. When given the choice between catching up with an old friend and working on our booth, you know which task kept losing out.

I was fortunate to finish by the time I needed to get cleaned up for dinner.

If you are coming to the ANA convention this week, stop by the Krause booth and see for yourself how it seems to have made itself the center of all activity. But that goes without saying. You will be there. So will I.