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CCAC wants motto on back

The Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee favors moving the
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The Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee favors moving the ?In God We Trust? motto to the reverse of the Presidential dollar. The recommendation came Jan. 15 after CCAC members viewed a template provided by the U.S. Mint showing the motto on obverse.

The members accepted the new edge style that results from the motto?s movement from the edge as mandated by law.

CCAC also selected designs for the William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, James K. Polk and Zachary Taylor Presidential dollar designs.

Recommended were WH-03, JT-01, JP-06 and ZT-04.

When the U.S. Commission of Fine Arts reviewed the same group of designs two days later, its members expressed a preference for profile portraits and did not therefore choose any of the designs for Harrison or Polk. For Tyler CFA picked JT-01 and Taylor ZT-01 because they were closest to profiles.

Both governmental bodies also reviewed the fourth Lincoln cent reverse design for 2009.

CCAC chose LC-R4-11 that shows Lincoln with a cannon, though they wanted Lincoln removed, and ?E Pluribus Unum? put across the bottom.
The CFA chose LC-R4-20, but wanted a finished Capitol Dome depicted rather than one under construction.

Both bodies also examined proposed designs of a congressional gold medal for heart surgeon Michael E. DeBakey.

CCAC inquired whether the heart on the reverse was anatomically correct while CFA suggested complete removal of the reverse ribbon and running ?The pursuit of excellence has been my objective in life? around the rim. CFA also recommended removal of the global grid on the reverse.

Both bodies review coin and medal designs as required by law and make their recommendations to the Treasury secretary, who makes the final decisions.