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Car disrupts morning routine

My morning routine was disrupted today. I dashed out the door as usual. I got in the car. I put the key in the ignition – nothing. The mechanism would not unlock. I fooled around with it, jiggling the key and putting it in and taking in out in rapid succession. Still, there was nothing.

After trying this several times over the course of a half hour, I called the office. Debbie Bradley came to my rescue and picked me up. That is the advantage of living in a community of 1,300 people. I was not miles away.

So here I am, happily at my desk, slightly behind but up and at ’em as the phrase goes.

What’s going on in the numismatic world? Well, I haven’t caught up yet. If there is an urgent topic, I will be back again with another posting. If not, I will try again tomorrow to achieve a normal day.

Oh. Wish me luck getting my car going.