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Canadian WWI Local Medals

Over the last forty years I have been picking up the occasional Canadian local medal hoping to get a head start before Canada becomes the 51st state and everyone starts collecting them. (joke) I rarely see these medals offered for sale and when I do the majority of the medals are of a stock design with a British looking soldier standing with his rifle and fixed bayonet in front of an unfurled flag. The medals are usually 10k gold and have the recipients name and home town engraved on the reverse in spaces provided within the inscription. I have never seen one of these medals on a ribbon. In my collection I do have one of these medals however that is suspended from a 10k wire pin broach which looks original to me and leads me to suspect that these medals may have been issued that way. Any one know for sure? Illustrated below is one of the ribbon-less versions as normally found and the version with the gold wire-pin suspension.

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