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Can proof Eagle love last?

Do you still love the proof silver American Eagle?

Your opportunity to prove it will arrive Jan. 24 when the 2013-W coin will be offered by the U.S. Mint to collectors.

And like all great loves, it keeps getting more expensive.

Price will be $62.95.

With silver presently around $30, that seems awfully steep.

But like I said, a great love can run up the bills.

Certainly if the opening couple of days of sales of the standard bullion Eagle product is any guide, collectors will be lining up as they have in recent years to grab their share of proofs. Over 819,000 of them were sold in 2012 plus special sets.

With the Walking Liberty design on it, what is not to love about the proof silver Eagle?

Though it first appeared on the 1-ounce coin in 1986, many of us collectors well remember when the design was circulating on half dollars in everyday change.

If you were like me, when I saw them in the 1960s, those half dollars were getting pretty well worn.

Who then would have thought we would have had the opportunity to buy the design as beautiful new proofs?

Who then would have thought that we could try to acquire examples in Proof-69 or Proof-70?

Times have certainly changed.

Will the collector love affair with proof silver American Eagles remain unchanged?

We will soon find out.

Buzz blogger Dave Harper is editor of the weekly newspaper "Numismatic News."