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Camp Perry Advertising Medal

Camp Perry Ohio has been a Mecca for American marksmen since 1907. This Ohio National Guard camp has been the site of the national competitive shooting championships for both military and civilian shooters since that time. Along with any competitive shooting tradition there are always medals, usually for participation and as prizes. The medal illustrated below shows America placing a victory wreath on a soldier’s head with the words “NATIONAL MATCH” above and “CAMP PERRY 1910” below. With an obverse like that I expected this would be just another prize medal that I had never seen before. The reverse however was a total surprise. It is inscribed “COMPLIMENTS OF THE HAYES BROS. Co. NEWARK, N.J. MAKERS OF TROPHIES, MEDALS AND BADGES OF EVERY DESCRIPTION”, it is a complimentary medal makers advertising medal!
Over the years since I bought this medal I have been on the look out for more medal maker advertising medals but so far have only found a few.