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Bye, bye silver, or buy, buy silver?

Silver advocates might still be forecasting the price of the metal will head for the moon, but down-to-earth silver buyers are acting as if this outcome is not in prospect.

The Mint will end its rationing program called allocation for the silver American Eagle bullion coins effective June 1.

Naturally, it reserves the right to reimpose rationing should market conditions change.

The existence of this rationing system for bullion Eagles has often been held up as Exhibit A proof that demand for the metal is strong.

The Mint has the ability to strike four million or so silver Eagles each and every month and buyers are currently taking about half that amount.

This is not encouraging if you want a quick pop higher in silver’s price, but if your goal is to acquire as many nice Eagle coins as cheaply as possible, the next few weeks might just be the time to get out there and buy to your heart’s content.

There will be less competition.