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Buzz or Britney?

I was lying on a doctor’s examination table not long after I posted yesterday’s blog. Dramatic it was not, though the importance of vision to successfully collecting coins was a thought not lost on me.

I got something in my eye Sunday night. Monday morning it was still there. After the blog was done, the little particle shifted and made further work difficult and a trip to the doctor’s office a goal of some urgency.

I seem to have gotten off fairly lightly. The doctor showed me the particle and diagnosed a small scratch on the cornea of my right eye. There was really nothing to worry about, but standard operating procedure is to prescribe antibiotic drops to be administered every four hours when I am awake for seven days. An eye infection is something to be avoided.

I have never taken my vision for granted. I started wearing glasses when I was eight years old, the same age as when I started collecting coins. Could there be a connection? Who knows? If there is, I have given up a great deal of my seeing ability in the pursuit of my hobby.

While I have written often about the beneficial effects of coin collecting on health, I have never turned it around and pointed out that good health makes the hobby that much more enjoyable.

Don’t take your eyes for granted. A scratch on one of them can do more damage to your life than one found on the cheek of an otherwise beautiful Morgan dollar.

I can turn this episode into a numismatic story, but what I was really thinking as I tried to glance through the waiting room magazines was that this blog would be more popular if I had something to say about Britney Spears.