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Buzz: Have you collected state quarters for the full 10 years?

Q. Have you collected state quarters for the full 10 years?
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Last week saw me putting the Hawaiian quarter in its proper place in the folder I bought for that purpose 10 years ago! Can’t believe I stuck with it to the bitter end.
Now have a folder for the proposed possession quarters. Don’t think I’ll live that long!


Ken Little
Forney, Texas

Hi, just saw your request for information on those who collected state quarters since the first issue. Well, I have them all with the exception of the P&D for Hawaii. As a United Kingdom-based collector I thought they were a breath of fresh air and also the historical aspect relating to each coin was fun. I am not a new collector by any means. LOL

Steve Robinson
Erith, Kent, United Kingdom

Yes, I have been getting the state quarters since day one. I get an uncirculated from the bank; one for my great aunt too.I have the proof silver also the same way

Sean Norris
Rockne Texas

Yes, I’ve hoarded these quarters since 1999. I have all mint sets (proof, silver, mint) since conception of the program, which should not be unusual for a collector, but for some insane reason I’ve hoarded every quarter that has passed into my hands since 1999. I can’t lift the container I save the rolls in. If you can tell me what to do with them I’m sure my family would enjoy the extra wealth.

Dave Nicholas
Point Pleasant, N.J.

I started collecting state quarters when I bought a book for my now 16-year-old son for Christmas 2003 and have been collecting from my change ever since. I replaced the book in the Christmas of 2006 because the quarters kept falling out. He doesn’t have enough cash transactions to fill up the book himself so his mother and I have given him all but a couple of the coins. All but one of the coins are from the Denver mint. My son got the “Philly” Montana quarter on his trip to New York in the spring of 2007. A couple of them are BU that I got from the October Concord coin shows. We are all excited to get the Hawaii coin to finish the collection later this year.

Rick Snow
San Lorenzo, Calif.

I am one of those that got started late on my collection of state quarters but now have the full collection, all 200 of them and am very proud of my collection of the state quarters. I plan to do the same with the new quarters coming out in the future.

Dewitt Duckett
Belmont, N.C.

Well, I just had to collect them for all 10 years. I collect coins, That’s what “we” do.
I have three complete sets, including proofs. I know they probably will never really be worth much, but they are nice historical coins. But I am happy that the series has finally ended. They sure look good in my albums too.
My daughter collects them too, but she don’t care if they are P or D. Her album just holds 50 coins, but not bad for a girl who is now 19 and started collecting when she was 9.

Dennis Post
Golden Valley, Minn.

Yes, I did I have all the proof and mint sets and a map board with everything that is out at this time; 49 states. It has been fun waiting for each new quarter. Good program, but I do not think that the proposal for the civil rights quarter program will be as successful. The Congress needs to start slowing down the Mint from all these different programs. I cannot keep up with everything.

Kyle Stromgren
Yelm, Wash.

No, I haven’t collected any of the state quarters as a collectable. Some of them are really nice but the quality of the metal, unless you buy the silver, is really very poor. Kind of like the 1943 steel pennies. It’s really hard to keep them looking nice as they have a tendency to corrode very easily. Besides, the mintage is through the roof and I see no value in them as collectables.

Chris Bellew
Summerville, SC

Yes, collected for all 10 years, had two sister-in-laws supply me & I in turn supplied people at work. Edina , Minnesota

Bill Landgren
Edina, MN

My father got me interested in coins at a very young age. I’m 62 now. He was very excited when the State Quarters came out. He was living in assisted living with Mom and didn’t get out very much. I helped him with his collections (several quarter books plus ones for the grandchildren) getting what I could at the banks in Iowa and buying what I couldn’t find. He passed away in 2006, at 89, still enjoying the collecting. I am completing his books as well as mine. It makes me feel very close to him as I press the last quarters in his books.


Rusti Riddle

Not only did I collect the entire set, I introduced the series to lots of local non-collector types and have been supplying them with each new issue as it comes out. I also supply quantities of “P” mint coins to friends in Las Vegas and San Diego. As for the personal collection, I have the map which gets filled with each new circulation issue, and a Littleton album that I use Mint Sets, Proof Sets and Silver Proof Sets to fill. It has been a fun time but now I am glad it’s almost over. I do not know if I will participate in the proposed National Park series to the same degree, probably not.

Bob Fritsch
Nashua, NH

Yes I collected the state quarters for the full ten years.

Robert Hayse
Floresville, TX

I collected the state quarters, yes all10 years and i wouldn’t do it
again. I filled 3 books and 2 maps, Now i have to worry about where i’m
gonna add the additional quarters that are being added to the set.

My collection of quarters are all from the Philadelphia mint as they
were the only quarters my bank received in uncirculated rolls.
About half way through the program i also started to collect complete
At times it was a pain in the neck waiting and checking with the bank to
see if they were in yet.
Then i would have to search through a number of rolls to find the truly
uncirculated quarters, way to many quarters would never pass as
Out of all the banks in a 20 mile radius of where i live only one bank
was receiving the uncirculated rolls.
The answer to a question everyone asks me (would i do it again) My
answer is NO. It was a very difficult collection to complete, unless i
wanted to pay extra to a dealer and get the whole collection at one
time, (which i didn’t.)
So now i wait for the the added commonwealth state quarters and wonder
where i’m gonna put them when they are released.

(Thanks to the U.S.Mint for another job not well done)

Jim Marotta
Summitville NY

I have collected all the State Quarters. I save rolls from the mint and also from change that I receive and am still collecting them.

I also save the new nickels as I find them. Will probably save the new cents as they come out.

I do not at this time plan to save any more new quarters since I feel that the mint carrying the program too far .

Alvin Watts
Newport, TN

I have an uncirculated coin from 48 states so far---waiting for Alaska and Hawaii.

I also have a cirulated roll of 36 of the states quarters. Its been fun collecting them---particularly the rools. The circulated quality varies quite a bit but most are respectable. Hopefully my grandchildren and their offspring will enjoy them.

Ludy Langer
Sacramento, Calif.

I must tell you how much I have enjoyed reading your articles in Numismatic News over the last five years, which is when I started collecting coins again. I moved back to my home town in 2002 and soon came accross my childhood coin collection (5 or 6 blue Harris books from the 50’s) stored in the attic of my parents home. Since I no longer collected coins, I gave this collection to my Dad, who, at 88 years old still today buys, collects and sells coins. Well, within 6 months I found myself collecting coins all over again, starting from scratch and I have had a great time really delving into the hobby this time around.

To answer your question, yes I have collected the state quarters and in several different ways. I started buying uncirculated rolls from the bank and/or dealers. Then I decided to fill books of these uncirculated quarters for myself as well as each of my two daughters. Then I began orderring the silver proof sets and updating my collection. I have had a great time collecting these state quarters and have also supplied many other people with quarters that they have missed over the last decade.

Thanks so much for your articles and please keep writing.

Don Caldwell
Athol, Massachusetts

Yes! I collected the state quarters.
I have a roll of each for myself and 7
more complete sets for my grandchildren.
Hopefully they will stay interested in coins
as I did.
Best of health.

Joe Testa
Bloomfield NJ

Yes, I have collected the statehood quarters to date. However, I believe that buying uncirculated rolls (for the first 20-25 states) was a mistake. I don’t beleive that they will ever be worth much more than 25 cents due to the huge quantities minted.

Al Almlie
San Carlos, CA

I collected the state quarters for the full ten years in several different formats. I have collected them in complete sets in albums(uncirculated, colorized, gold plated, and hologram). I also collected them in government issued mint sets, proof sets, and silver proof sets.

Larry Kidd
Myrtle beach, SC