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Buy Batman coin and the experience

Today is a big day for coin collectors who are fans of Batman.

Use your Batputer to visit the APMEX website.

APMEX is the exclusive distributor in North America of coins depicting the Caped Crusader. They commemorate the 75th anniversary of the comic book and movie character.

As a bonus there is a 3-D Augmented Reality experience for users of Apple or Android tablets or mobile phone. On these devices can be launched a 3-D image of Batman alongside the coin.

Mintage of the quarter-ounce $25 gold coin from the Pacific island nation of Niue is 750.

While the reverse depicts Batman, on the obverse is a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. The coin has a proof finish, is .9999 fine and has a diameter of 22 millimeters.

Mintage for Niue’s $5 silver coin is 7,500. Each piece contains two troy ounces of silver, is .999 fine, has a proof finish and is 50.8mm in diameter.

The 3-D experience is launched, according to the promoters, through a free 75 YEARS of BATMAN™ application available from the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

After downloading the app, a user can hold their device’s camera over the coin as it nests inside specially created game board (a free game board is included with each coin and is also available as a free download alongside the app).

Within moments, the Caped Crusader appears right before your eyes, ready to fight crime with his Batarang and grapnel gun.

There is a “selfie” picture mode where you and your friends can snap a close-up picture standing alongside the Dark Knight.

For more details, visit the APMEX website.

If you are in a buying mood, check out ShopNumismaster and see what you can find. If you use code SHOPNM30, you will get 30 percent off. See the link below.

Buzz blogger Dave Harper is winner of the 2014 Numismatic Literary Guild Award for Best Blog and is editor of the weekly newspaper "Numismatic News."