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Bullion sales slow down in March

The Mint’s sales of gold and silver bullion coins during March have a ways to go if they hope to catch up to February’s. As of March 10, just 11,500 one-ounce, 2,000 quarter-ounce and 20,000 tenth-ounce gold Eagles have been ordered. Add in just 1,263,500 silver Eagles and a meager 2,000 gold Buffaloes and it shows Authorized Purchasers aren’t buying as much. February had 85,500 total ounces of gold and 4,782,000 silver Eagles sold during the month.

The most influential factor? Higher, yet stable gold and silver prices compared to earlier in 2016.

The Nixon dollar coin cover went on sale March 1 followed by the Nixon Presidential dollar and First Spouse Medal set on March 3. Sales were 10,948 covers and 2,095 sets as of March 6.

The Mint has pulled a number of sold out listings including the Kisatchie and Saratoga 5-ounce silver uncirculated coins, which saw 19,449 and 17,570 coins sold, respectively.

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