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Bullion sales numbers dominate this week

As might be expected in light of the Mint

As might be expected in light of the Mint?s inability to take online orders this week, the numbers have hardly changed. Those that have relate to sales that are independent of the Mint?s online order capability.

So focus your eyes on the bullion Eagle coin totals and the bullion Buffalo totals. These orders come into the Mint from its distribution network.

Silver Eagles jumped by a mighty 775,000 pieces to 1,295,000. Gold Eagles also registered some increases. Some 1,500 more one-ounce coins have been sold and the half-ounce and tenth-ounce gold sales have commenced.

Sales of one-ounce Buffalo bullion coins jumped by 7,500 to 10,000 pieces, which are now just ahead of the one-ounce Eagle total.

Bald Eagle totals are not available.