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Bullion calls tune for most prices

Silver and gold American Eagle coins are following the precious metals in their course higher. There is little difference in the value of these coins between most circulated and even in some uncirculated grades for this reason. This is particularly obvious among common date, common condition Saint-Gaudens $20 gold pieces and for both Morgan and Peace silver dollars. Perennial favorites such as Carson City silver dollars, deep mirror proof-like Morgan dollars and Carson City minted gold coins in virtually any denomination continue to hold their own. Value increases are spotty, but present. The only recognizable upward mobility trend appears to be among coins that are not only scarce dates and mintmarks, but that are in grade rarity conditions as well.

Bullion Tune Vert

The collector base for half cents, large cents and Indian cents has remained strong for years, with demand far outstripping supply. Even lower grade scarce to rare coppers continue to command strong prices, with some significant signs of vertical pricing. Price declines are almost nonexistent in this market segment.

Several auction houses continue to succeed at bringing fresh rarities to the market, with bidders digging deep to buy these coins. The bidders appear to be mostly dealers and collectors, with a continuing absence of “investors.”

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