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Bullion buyers out in force

Iola sure isn’t Nashville, Tenn., or Baltimore, or any other national show location, but when the Numismatists of Wisconsin held their 50th anniversary show here Friday and Saturday, attendees were behaving like their national counterparts.

Green Bay dealer Paul Reiser said, “Gold bullion was our best seller.” He noted that buyers were taking advantage of a price dip that occurred last week.

“I sold out of Krugerrands and Eagles,” Reiser explained.

“We did a lot in silver bullion,” he said of his 100-ounce and 50-ounce bars.

I can attest to that. One NOW member came by the Krause table as he was walking around the bourse and he was so pleased with his purchase of 10 ounces of silver that he showed me the A-Mark bar.

We had a nice talk about what the future might hold for it.

Nathan James Lord of Grant and Clemens, Watertown, Wis., pointed to an empty spot in his case on Saturday when I came around and he said that is where his 90-percent silver coins had been.

He wished he had had more, but he was not expecting to get a table when he came to Iola. A last-minute cancellation had given him a prime corner right at the show entrance. His results benefited.

Bullion might be hot, but the NOW show was full of typical collectors as well.
The Krause booth did a booming business in coin and paper money books.

I was personally chewed out by one attendee for not having non-numismatic books on hand that Krause published. She was in the mood to buy.

All I could do was invite her back to Iola July 8-11 when the annual car show will be held and Krause will have a book tent.

If that interests you, too, mark the dates on your calendar.