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Bulk load of fun

Have you still got the circulation finds bug and got a spare $50,000 lying around?

Then boy has has the Mint got a deal for you.

Yesterday it announced its bulk purchase program for the America the Beautiful quarters.

For the handy-dandy sum of $50,000 you can be the proud owner of what is called one bulk bag filled with 200,000 quarters.

Shipping and handling costs $1,500 and payment must made by bank wire transfer so buyers can’t play any more games earning airline miles on credit card purchases of coins for basically face value.

When you get the coins you can dive in and be the first on your block to discover any potential error coins that might have found their way into the bulk bag.

How long will it take you?

I remember going through a bag of 1995 cents looking for the doubled die. There were three of us and it took about two hours as I recall.

So, six hours for every 5,000 coins and that works out to 120 hours of fun. That’s like sitting through 60 movies.

Is that worth $51,500 to you?

Then go ahead and make the Mint’s day. Order that bulk bag now.

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