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Braille Education Set order limits removed

President Calvin Coolidge was nicknamed “Silent Cal.” He was not known for his eloquent conversation or animated personality.

When he died in 1933, one wag, whom if I remember my history correctly was writer Dorothy Parker, asked, “How can they tell?”

That sort of sums up my feelings about the news that the order limits for the Braille Education Set are being eliminated after being at the one per household level since the sets went on sale Oct. 1.

Though only 25,000 of these sets can be made, orders have not exactly been cascading into the U.S. Mint. In fact, the total is just 5,996 after almost three week’s of toting up the figures.

I expect there are some people like me who like to be unusual by occasionally reading or buying something others seem to avoid.

I happened to read Coolidge’s autobiography, and no, it was not a class assignment.

Some people will buy the Braille Education Set.

Now there are no encumbrances on their enthusiasm. I expect them to step up to the plate and buy, buy, buy – both of them.