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Book Report

I never thought I would do book reviews here but in this case I feel that I must because the book is just too good not to mention. First of all I hate spending big bucks on books which may sound strange considering where I worked for over thirty years. When I do bite the bullet the book has to be more than just a price guide. It has to be a factual reference that I use almost daily. It has to be filled with clear photos of obverses and reverses, hallmarks and other important details to help me distinguish the genuine from the fakes. It has to show me things that I never knew existed after 40 years of collecting and this book does it all. The book is Detlev Niemann’s Price Guide Germany 1871-1945, Third edition. The title does not do it justice. It is much more than a simple price guide. The extensive photos alone make it a valuable reference enabling the user not only to determine exactly which medal or decoration they have in hand but also which variety. Also covered are the award documents, boxes or cases of issue and miniatures. There is also extensive coverage of Frei Korps and Veterans Organization medals plus political and civil awards including nonportable or table medals. The only items not covered are the medals of the German States which would probably double the size of this volume if included. Text is in German, English and Russian! The book itself is massive weighing in at 9 pounds of glossy paper and hard cover. It is nearly 1 foot tall, 8 ½ inches wide and 2 ½ inches thick with 980 pages containing 3052 pictures! The book was published in 2008, so why am I so late in reporting it? The price was just over 100.00 including postage and it had to be ordered from Germany which could also mean currency conversion costs, customs duties and the risks of a long ocean voyage. Years ago I bought a copy of the first edition which though smaller was still impressive and implied positive changes and additions yet to come. Then I found Niemann’s web site and knew I had to get the book. Before I ordered it from Germany however, I searched for the title on the big internet auction site and found to my delight that there is a distributor for the book in New Jersey and they accept payment by personal check! All for the same price that the book and postage would have cost from Germany but without the hassles. So if you think you may want a copy of this book check it out at: I got good prompt service from this outfit