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Book Printing Medals offered in UBS sale 73

Gutenberg From Every View Point!

In the upcoming UBS Auction 73 set to close September 5-7, 2007 there is a great run of Book and Printing related medals. Most of the over 60 medals in this group commemorate Gutenberg, but there are few relating to other events. Estimates are reasonable, ranging mostly between 100 to 800 CHF, or about $85 to $665 US dollars each.

There are ornate designs like this large silver medal from Haarlem dated 1740 and simple designs like this modern silver medal from Wiesbaden. You can see many busts of Gutenberg in this group as well as several medals with flatbed letterpresses and even some with modern printing presses like this fabulous printing technology medal from R. Hoe and Company.

It's an impressive collection and well worth a look. Check it out at the online catalog section of the UBS numismatic site.