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Blog about to reach anniversary

This blog marks the completion of two full years’ worth of blogging. The actual anniversary is tomorrow, but, hey, this is Internet time. We have to make it snappy.

So I will celebrate the final day of the second year. Bring out the noise makers.

I think I have learned a lot doing this blog. I have had a lot of fun writing it. I hope you can say the same about reading it.

The wide ranging nature of topics is most interesting. Reader feedback is something that newspapers generate after the passage of weeks. Blog feedback can occur almost as quickly as I can post my comments.

I have found that some topics that I think will generate feedback instead generate the “loudest silence” that I experience. There are other topics that I never would have guessed in a thousand years will spark major attention, but do.

That’s the guiding hand of the audience telling me where we should go. I have a vantage point and readers want to learn what I can see over the horizon. Sometimes I see something worthwhile, but then sometimes I might just as well have stayed home that day.

But good or bad, the topics are part of the flow of discussion that the hobby and all hobbyists are having with each other and with themselves.

It would be interesting to know what future generations will make of these transcripts.