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Blinding white or just blind?

There is a big winter storm heading for Iola. What a wonderful opportunity for me to breathlessly employ it as a metaphor. Unfortunately, I can’t think of one.

This would have been handy last year at this time when the whole world seemed to be sitting on the brink of financial catastrophe, but this year things look better even if they are not robust.

The coin business is healthy, though it has slowed down from the red hot peak of 2007.

Gold might be heading for a fall, but I am not confident that such a fall, should one occur in the next days or weeks, would be anything other than a correction. Markets do tend to extremes. Gold is not an exception. It will encounter some heavy selling sooner or later, but this storm doesn’t look like a timely one to make that point.

I will be in the office tomorrow, storm or no storm. I live close enough that I can walk if I have to. Perhaps new heaps of the fresh white stuff and back muscles that remind me that I haven’t used them yet this season will inspire me. Check tomorrow and see.