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Black Death, Monkeys and Medieval Coinage

More Plague in Denver

Seems that the Black Death, which was killing squirrels in Denver has now spread to a primate in the Denver Zoo. A capuchin monkey has died of plague, possibly contracted from the carcass of a dead Black Death squirrel.

Probably an oddity, but the step from rodents to primates is not a good sign. Remember however, that we 21st Century primates have the destinct advantage of an antibiotic regime that can defeat the Black Death. If fact, the other capuchin monkeys at the Denver Zoo are being given prevetative antibiotics right now as a precaution.

From a collecting point of view, Black Death brings thoughts of Medieval Coinage, and for those interested in Medieval coins, I highly suggest stopping by the Medieval Coinage gallery. This gallery has lots of sharp illustrations, and in other parts of the Medieval Coinage website you will find addition images and offers of coins for sale. This is also the place to get Robert Levinson's new book on early dated coins from 1234-1500, a great reference for the earliest dated coins from European issuers.

Another good source for Medieval coinage is professional numismatist and author Allen G. Berman. Berman has authored two broad general references on world coins under the Warman's imprint. Warman's Companion - World Coins & Currency primarily covers modern coins and banknotes, while Warman's Coins and Paper Money covers a much broader spectrum including Ancient and Medieval coins. At Berman's website you will find inexpensive examples of many Medieval coins for sale.