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Black Death, antibiotics and Medieval Coinage

Focus Country

Read an article today about squirrels dying out in Denver from The Black Death. Apparently Black Death is still around! Some things just never go out of style. Though seldom contracted by humans, it seems that with modern antibiotics a person who does get the Black Death has an excellent chance of survival. One of the many benefits of living in the 21st Century I guess. Of course during the 14th Century it was a different story entirely, hense the name Black Death.

Another benefit of living in the 21st Century is that, after all these years we finally have a good numismatic reference for Medieval Coinage. Bob Levinson has written an excellent book covering dated European coins from 1234-1500. Listing more than 1,000 types and offering a rough price guide this a great advancement on previous works. If you have been interested in this area of numismatics, now is a wonderful time to dive in and swim around a bit. With Levinson's book in hand you will feel much more confident than you might have on your own.