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Big and small emails say it all

My email is a rich source of information.

Much of what I receive finds its way to readers in one form or another.

Some email is spam and gets deleted.

But there are also examples of emails that kind of fall between my “I’ve got to get this published” impulse and my drive to hit the delete key.

This week I had an email from a reader who sent me a photo of a cent that was struck off-center, leaving more than half of it unstruck.

He wrote that it was neat.

No other information was provided.

Did he have a question about it?

Was there an interesting story behind how he found it or bought it?

I don’t know.

Since he had previously sent me an email some days earlier with a question in it, I have waited for a follow-up, but it has not come.

Another email this week was from a reader who helpfully wrote:

“I happened upon what I gather is the entirety of laws concerning United States coinage, at:

“As you might expect it’s enormous, and obviously I’m not suggesting you publish it. But maybe it’s worth passing the link along to Numismatic News readers in case they’re interested. And it might be worth it for someone at NN to read it through in case there are any particular tidbits of special interest.”

If any reader is curious and wants to undertake this bit of light reading, please do so.

Another reader had a follow-up to a story published last year about the Hawaii State Numismatic Association annual coin show. Last September 100 individual dollar bills were marked. Two were found in circulated and turned in for prizes. Three prizes were unclaimed.

“Just thought you’d find this interesting. One of the HSNA dollar bills has been found in Kailua-Kona on Hawaii Island recently! I DID log all of them on the Where’s George website last year, and still have the list of all the HSNA dollar bills out there.

“We are planning another “overprint” dollar bill for the Hawaii State Numismatic Association 54th Coin Show in October of this year. Different design to match our theme for the show.

“I will send you a preliminary press release as the details are developed.

"Mahalo for all your support! We sure do appreciate it.”

I am grateful for being kept in the loop with updates. In this case, my thanks go to Michael Mochizuki.

Had the note been found in time for the coin show, it would have been worthwhile for the finder to take it to the show last Septemberto get one of the unclaimed prizes.

I hope all prizes will be claimed in October.

There you have a sampling of my inbox in the last few days.

Buzz blogger Dave Harper has twice won the Numismatic Literary Guild Award for Best Blog and is editor of the weekly newspaper "Numismatic News."

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