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Big money paid for little dimes

The March of Dimes set is sold out and buyers couldn’t be happier for the little dimes the set contains mean profit.

The dimes give this set its value.

The dimes give this set its value.

The set features a March of Dimes proof silver dollar and two special dimes: a silver proof dime from West Point and a silver reverse proof dime from Philadelphia. The set began sales May 4 with a total mintage of 75,000.

Recent sold listings on eBay for individual sets have them going for around $90. The price tag is a markup from the United States Mint’s price of $61.95, though fees and shipping costs bring the profit earned down to $10 to $15.

Most of the set’s market value is in the two special dimes. Multiple auctions for the dimes only concluded with them being purchased together for $75.

The profit margin is better for sets sealed in their original shipping boxes since they are eligible for first strike or first release designations from the commercial grading services. Most sealed boxes were selling for $100 per each set inside. Buyers were paying a price $450 to $470 for boxes containing household maximum of five sets.

Check out the latest Numismatic News Express here!

Check out the latest Numismatic News Express here!

So far, only a few businesses are offering graded March of Dimes sets. One company has sold 15 lots of Numismatic Guaranty Corporation-graded Proof-70 Early Release March of Dimes sets with Ultra Cameo designations on the proof dime and dollar. These graded sets were offered for $229 each for a profit of around $80 per set after the Mint’s issue price, grading fees and eBay fees are all taken into account.

With many sets on back order until August, expect to see a change in the market once more sets ship out and grading totals are released.

This article was originally printed in Numismatic News.
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