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Berlin the place to be seen

The World Money Fair begins later this week in Berlin. There is no other numismatic event like it. It is as much a trade show for world mints as it is a coin show for collectors.

Collectors don’t mind sharing space with mint officials. I have never asked a world mint official if they mind sharing space with collectors.

The fact that the mints go back again and again probably is proof that the officials think it appropriate to rub elbows with their clients.

For Americans attending, the most startling element of the show is the fact that you cannot see across the floor. For American coin shows security is extremely important. Shows are set up so security personnel have a line of sight across the entire floor. No such line of sight exists at the World Money Fair. It looks more like a spring boat show except with coining presses and colorful background displays taking center stage.

This is not to say that there is no security at the World Money Fair. It is simply different.

To make a long story short, the World Money Fair is an important place to be. It has become the venue for giving the Coin of the Year Awards. This will be the third year in which my colleagues and I present the awards there. It should be exiting when it happens on Saturday.

I am in transit. Wednesday should be my first full day in the German capital if all goes according to plan. It is “try to get over jet lag day,” though that shouldn’t stop me from visiting a couple of museums with Standard Catalog staffer Tom Michael.