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Berlin Observations

After only three days in Berlin, I am prepared to make three comparative observations about simple differences between Berlin and Chicago.


First, if you are looking for cash in Berlin, don’t expect to find an ATM machine on every corner like you would in Chicago. You may look for blocks and blocks and never find one in Berlin, and many neighborhood restaurants, as our intrepid little band of four discovered, do not accept credit or debit cards.

Second, don’t expect to have soda machines on every corner, or to have bottled water available at every turn in Berlin, like you would find in Chicago. Ready and quick access to liquid refreshment in Berlin requires a stop at the restaurant or local bar for a tall glass of Berliner Pilsner. In Chicago you will notice that every other person seen walking the street or riding the elevated is carrying a water bottle, in Berlin I saw very few.

Third, while in Berlin you can count on a fabulous Taxi upgrade. Here, unlike in Chicago, you will ride in the luxury of the Mercedes Benz. While not much roomier than a Ford, The Mercedes is certainly much better appointed.