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Been There, Done That

Look at anyone in a military uniform, any branch of service, any nationality. If they have been in service for any length of time chances are that you will see from one to what looks like a brick wall of military ribbon bars on their left side above the pocket level. This reflects their military history up until that point in time. The U S Navy group shown below for example tells us that it belonged to an enlisted rank since it has a Navy Good Conduct medal ribbon (7). Our sailor has a Navy Achievement medal to his credit (1) and the ever present National Defense Medal (8). He has the Southwest Asia Service Medal (9) plus the Saudi Arabian Kuwait Liberation Medal and the Kuwait Liberation Medal (11 & 12) which dates this group from the 1980’s onward era. He (or she) was also and expert rifleman who qualified sharpshooter (13) and an expert pistol shot who qualified expert (14). Our sailor also earned an “E” award(6) and was a member of a unit or units earning several unit awards including one from the Coast Guard to which he may have been assigned by the Navy for some joint venture. Now wouldn’t it be interesting if civilians could wear their resumes too?