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Beach blankets offer more appeal than coins

The annual summer slowdown appears to be upon us, a time of year when many collectors pay more attention to seasonal outdoor activities and family than to their hobby. A number of dealers have admitted that although they believe they have priced their inventory properly for the current market, they have been forced to sell some coins at bargain levels to raise much-needed cash. Cash flow, after all, is the name of the game in keeping businesses going.

CMAG 0703

Upper-end Morgan silver dollars remain particularly attractive, but even many of these coins are selling at softer prices than previously. The demand for Morgan dollar varieties has declined noticeably. If these prices are due to the summer slowdown, we can expect an autumn rebound.

The market’s strongest values remain for some of the more specialized collectibles for which demand may be limited, but it is intensely focused and well funded. Among these better areas are quality large cents and Capped Bust half dollars. Quality is the watchword. With the price of silver flatlined for some time, it is becoming even more challenging for dealers to buy enough junk silver coinage to scrap. The coin market may be ready for an unanticipated overhaul, with new and younger collectors continuing to take more interest in recent issues than in more classically collected coins. Until they gravitate towards better date 18th to 20th century coins, this current trend will likely continue.

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