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Baseball coin deliveries still lag

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Waiting for delivery of Baseball Hall of Fame commemorative coins has taxed the patience of many Mint customers.

As of mid June most silver and clad HOF coins remained to be shipped.

The bright spot is the 50,000 gold $5 coins. Two-thirds of them had been shipped and the remainder was expected to go out by the end of June.

The $5 gold Baseball Hall of Fame coin sold out within a matter of hours after release

Reverse of the 2014-W Baseball Hall of Fame $5 gold coin

For the silver dollar only one-third had been shipped by mid June. It was expected that the remainder of the 137,909 uncirculated coins ordered would be received by buyers by the end of July.

For the proof dollars, shipping of all 262,091 was projected to be completed between mid and late August.

Presently, the lowest delivery rate is for the clad HOF half dollars. In mid June just 29.5 percent had been delivered. Of the approximately 175,000 proofs that had been ordered by mid June, the Mint expected to get them to customers by the end of July.

Delivery of the approximately 100,000 uncirculated half dollars ordered by mid June will take a little longer, with the Mint forecasting a mid-August date for receipt.