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Bank-goers, service people given SBA $1s


Didn?t the post offices and the Army get involved in trying to make Susan B. Anthony dollars circulate?

Post offices across the country were enlisted. They passed out large quantities of the coins, but the effort only delayed the inevitable trip back to the bank. The Defense Department tried to force service personnel stationed in Europe to use the coins in place of paper dollars, but the experiment collapsed because most foreign countries will not exchange their currencies for coins.

Was the process of dredging for gold ? using a dredge on an artificial pond ? first used in California?

Thirty years before the first such dredge appeared on a California stream in 1895, the process was first used in the New Zealand gold fields in 1865. California is associated with dredging because so much gold was recovered in the state by that method.

How long have there been coin shortages?

Let?s start at the beginning. Since 1792 the Mint never caught up with demand until the late 19th century. As but one example, the country continued to use foreign coins until 1857. There were many instances of shortages from the Civil War era onward. Even after the demand for coinage was satisfied there were further periods of shortages, including the mid-1960s and again in the early 1970s.

How much gold was there per capita before it was called in 1933?

Perhaps not as much as you might think. According to U.S. Treasury statistics, there was just more than $7 per person in Gold Certificates and slightly more than $3 in gold coin and bullion for each person in the United States. At the time there were about 125 million people in the U.S. This compared with nearly $21 per person in Federal Reserve Notes and another $5 worth of National Bank Notes.

How many U.S. Presidents have been honored on a coin within a short time after their deaths?

Some may stall out after listing Kennedy, but there are two others. President Franklin D. Roosevelt was put on the dime in February 1946, 10 months after his death. Dwight D. Eisenhower went on the dollar 18 months after he died, and John F. Kennedy was added to the half dollar five months after he was assassinated.

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