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Baltimore show growing larger

Organizers of the July 14-16 Baltimore Coin and Currency Convention said the summer show has grown.
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Organizers of the July 14-16 Baltimore Coin and Currency Convention said the show was more than 28 percent larger than last summer.

?It was a bang-up show,? said Ed Kuszmar. ?The bourse space was expanded by 50 percent, and it came very close to having the amount of tables from our March show, which was our biggest ever. That?s pretty good for a summer show. There was great attendance by the dealers and the public, and there was a ton of business.?

He said all-around business was strong and paper money was especially hot. He estimated the attendance at about 10,000, and $4,613 was raised for the area Children?s Hospital.

At least two youths were the finders of 1/10th-ounce gold Eagles that were donated to the Kid?s Bucket, where those 12 and under get a daily free handful of money.

The show?s auctions were provided by Bowers and Merena Auctions and Presidential Coin and Antiques. A separate story on the B&M sale is on the News page of this Web site.

Kuszmar said the show was also helped by meetings and talks held by the Liberty Seated Collectors Club, Maryland Token and Medal Society, Maryland State Numismatic Associa-tion, Early American Coppers Club and So-Called Dollar Club.

Those interested in setting up tables at future shows should contact Gordon W. Berg, P.O. Box 1876, Rockville, MD 20849; telephone, (301) 424-1876; fax: (301) 424-1756, or Ed Kuszmar, P.O. Box 4049, Boca Raton, FL 33429; telephone, (561) 392-8551; fax, (561) 392-8551.

The convention can be reached via e-mail at:, and there is also an informational Internet Web site at