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Baltimore ramblings - part two, people

Some of the other folks I got to spend time with at the ANA Convention in Baltimore were current and former exhibitors.


John and Phil Greenslet of the Baltimore area were folks whom I meet in the early 1980s when we were all actively exhibiting at conventions at locations from Washington to Boston. We would see each other sometimes six or eight times during the year. Phil's exhibit eventually became the start of a book on Benjamin Franklin in Numismatics. Phil also won a best of whow award at a Canadian Numismatic Association convetnion. John has taken a back seat in numismatics since going off to college, starting a career and getting married!

I first meet Vincent Alones at the 1973 NY International Show, and then at successive Grand Central and AINA conventions following. He got me involved with the Long Island Coin Club, the most active of the NYC area clubs. An ardent exhibitor, until this year he held the record for most exhibit awards won at ANA convetions. He and his wife Agnes are the last active Numismatic Ambasador award winners from the first year of the program, 1974. They were both supporters of the early Young Numismatist programs in the New York City area. Now in his 90s he recently relocated to be near his daughter. He was brought to the convention by his grandson.

Emmett McDonald, the glue that is currently holding the Long Island Coin Club together, is the co-instructor at two past ANA Summer Seminar classes which we taught at (World Coins, 1600-present). He has two first place and two second place exhibits at this year's convention.

It was great to spend time with each.