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Back where coin show belongs

The autumn American Numismatic Association National Money Show may be about to go the way of the dinosaurs, but looking at the agenda for next week’s meeting of the ANA board of governors, it looks like the spring show will have a bright future.

Not only will they continue to be held, but it appears that the board will move them back into the February-March time frame from the present May schedule.

Many in the hobby will welcome that. I do, too.

The board will vote on whether to select Atlanta, Ga., as the site of the 2014 National Money Show Feb. 26-March 3.

In 2015, the proposed dates for the event to be held in Portland, Ore., are March 2-9.

You might notice that the date ranges encompass a full week in each case. I do not know the specific reasons, but I would expect that the event itself will not lengthen, but there will be auction sessions and perhaps a pre-show, or a pre-show seminar to occupy the time.

The main thing is we will be back in the late winter on the national show schedule, which much of the hobby had gotten used to before a series of conflicting dates pushed the board into a May corner in recent years.

While they haven’t voted yet, I will congratulate them on the expectation that these dates will be selected and I look forward to adding Atlanta and Portland to my schedule in their turn. I have been to both places for conventions on a number of occasions and it will be great to see them again.

Buzz blogger Dave Harper is editor of the weekly newspaper "Numismatic News."